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Mesrine:Killer Instinct

Movie L'instinct de mort
Director Jean-Francois Richet

Vincent Cassel, Gérard Depardieu

Mesrine:Killer instinct, the first part of the Biographical tale about the revered terrorist is a completely underwhelming experience. Vincent Cassel's performance is the bright spark in this lazy and drawn out portrayal. From direction to scripting it is entirely disjointed, drawn out and senseless. Mesrine in one scene will be portrayed as a loving father and husband and in the next have his gun in his wifes mouth while his son watches on as he beats her. This might have been to used as a device to show his sociopathic tendancies, but instead made the how the scenes relate to each other very fragile. It could have been two different people and yet Mesrine was not schitzophrenic. Most of the scenes related to each other in no way other than to advance the weak script. The opening sequence sees a man and a woman walking down the screen, filmed from many different angles in split screen. Why? This is again dull and drawn out and completely pointless, this could have been shown in a few frames, but Richet's attempt at drama is pathetic, and looks like he's seen one too many episodes of 24. Of course, in 24 the split screen is used as a device to show many different elements happening in real time so it has a purpose and is entertaining, not so much here. There is a scene where Mesrine attempts a prison break and attempts to throw a bag of guns into the inmates but its gets lodged high up inside barbed wire. With snipers firing down at the courtyard from two towers the guy who elects to attempt to grab the guns is the fattest, slowest guy in the yard, who for starters couldn't physically retrieve the guns from that vantage point let alone get accross the courtyard at that slow a speed being so big a target with so many snipers aiming at his head. Its moments like this in the film which display that although this movie is based on true events and memoirs the intricacies of this script are at times just plain silly and are glaringly obvious mistakes. There is no point where I got through 10 minutes of this movie without having to point out to my friends where the problems were and it made the movie very hard to enjoy. Not highly recommended.

This movie scores 6.7/10