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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Director David Fincher

Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Julia Ormond

I wouldn’t say there are too many movie goers alive that are not familiar with the concepts dealt with in Benjamin Button. The publicity has been huge, unsurprising for a movie involving Pitt, Blanchett and Fincher, and a film so long in the making had captured the imagination of Film enthusiasts everywhere long before anyone had entered the theatre. No matter what I expected from this film after all the hype, I didn’t expect a film of this grandeur and wonder. If anyone was going to play button successfully, it would take a performer of great character giving the performance of his life. For me, from the current crop, it would have to be Tom Hanks or Pitt, with Pitt possibly more suited to this role having appreciated his portrayal of innocence in Meet Joe Black.

Button is a likable character born into cruel and unusual circumstances, who was always surrounded by cruel questions which filled his mind but didn’t destroy his character. On the contrary, he learned lessons as a boy that no boy should have to learn, but came out with philosophies that people search their entire life for, and possibly at the end, had to endure the worst and saddest fate I’ve ever witnessed. The events I’ve just mentioned are just the outline to an extraordinary life, and therefore I emphasize that this would be one of the hardest tests of an actor’s ability imaginable. Brad Pitt has always been an elegant, understated actor deserving far more praise than he receives, and this performance is no exception.

With a strong supporting cast and a fabulous director this movie comes to life and Button takes you with him on his fantastic journey. Weighing in at a hefty almost 3 hours, you could be skeptical, but this is the opposite to dragged out or boring. The musical arrangement, the beautiful cinematography and the constant change in feel, moving with the changing of the times, is incredibly realized. This quirky epic stands tall with the great movies of our time and to miss seeing this on a big screen full of enthralled moviegoers would be a mistake. When I left the theatre I saw my reflection in a woman’s face, it appeared that everybody had experienced the same dramatic emotions and the message this film carries.

This movie scores 9.33/10