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Fast and Furious

Movie Fast and Furious
Director Justin Lin

Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana brewster.

For those who have seen the fast and the furious, this is a direct sequel to the original, despite any other small cameos you might have heard about or previous sequels. Five years have passed, O'Connor (Walker) is in the FBI, Dom and Letty are still pirates on the highway and Mia has stayed behind to clean the house apparently. Without wanting to spoil the early twist to much someone is killed and Dom and Brian team up reluctantly at first, to hunt the killer down. Cheese at its very best. The script and plot aren't as bad as you'd expect and Fast and Furious is probably more believable than the first instalment. The opening sequence is pure action not dissimilar to the closing sequence of the first movie, but with a bigger ending. Lin tried to make everything in this movie a little bigger and more impressive and in a lot of ways he succeeded without being too over the top. This franchise has maintained its likability from the first movie, bringing back good characters which great chemistry, with lots of fun action and good likable characters. This is a no brainer if you like mindless stylistic action like the original you will like this. Performances are nothing special from the cast but the director pieced this together as well as possible and its an enjoyable romp but nothing more which might disappoint some who won't just accept this for what it is.

This movie scores 7.8/10