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Ghosts of Girlfriends past

Movie Ghosts of Girlfriends past
Director Mark Waters

Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Michael Douglas, Breckin Meyer, Lacey Chabert, Robert Forster, Anne Archer

There is no excuse for this story or script. Absolutely none. The movie starts with a photographer named Connor Mead sleeping with everyone. The girls all do what he says even when he strips one in public and has a girl shoot at her with a bow and arrow, which is of course ridiculous. Every woman I've ever known or had a relationship with is independent and proud, especially the sexy and talented ones, and no matter how good looking I was they would slap me if I even hinted at being so callous. This trend continues, one girls sees him break up with 3 other women via conference call and then proceeds to have sex with him within seconds of this. None of this was remotely funny even to the most misogynistic of men, and I found myself feeling offended for the women in the audience and I'm not a particularly sensitive guy. Then he goes to his brothers wedding and tells everyone how much he hates the idea of marriage and what a disaster its going to be for his little brother, wrecks the cake, and meets up with all the bridesmaids, which of course he's slept with. One of them however is "the one that got away", but even still he proceeds to insult her and demean her even though he knows how much he'd hurt her in the past. Within a day of this of course, they've all forgiven him, and he realises he loves the girl, and she forgives him, and everybody says "yay". Hes now standing up in front of the room of people he'd yesterday ridiculed marriage to, and giving a heart felt speech which they all lap up, everybody forgives him, group hugs for all, suicide pills for anyone intelligent watching this inane crap. He is of course visited by 3 ghosts ala scrooge who teach him the error of his ways. I wish they'd visited me the night before I'd gone to watch this horror of a movie. The pluses are few, but I have to give a mention to Emma Stone for sheer enthusiasm and emanated fun as the ghost of girlfriends past, and Jennifer Garner who always shines in these roles and I couldn't help feel as I do in most of the roles she takes on that her talent has been yet again wasted. A note to Mark Waters the director; For Shame.

This movie scores 4.2/10