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Hannah Montana

Movie Hannah Montana
Director Peter Chelsom

Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, Jason Earles, Mitchel Musso


Robert McCarthy

For a treat, I brought my son to the new "Hanna Montana" movie at the Kidz club in the Storm Cinema in Naas, Saturday the 17th. The cinema was full of very young boys and girls all wanting to see their hereo Miley Cyrus. The story is about Disneys current favourite product, Hanna Montana. Miley who plays the lead role is having a great time living two lives. Everyday as Miley Stewart, she can live as a normal girl, attending high school and hanging out with her family and friends. Then as her alter ego, Hanna Montanna, rock star teenage mogul. But her two lives collide when she is followed by a reporter who wants to find some "dirt" on the teen rocker. This leads to a conflict with her best friend "Lilly" and gets her into trouble with her Dad, Robbie Ray, played by her real life father Billy Ray Cyrus. So, Robbie Ray decides Miley needs to learn some hard lessons and brings her home, to Tennessee. Now, anyone who does not know about Hanna Montanna, must have been under some rocks for the last while. So there is no need for a backstory. The movie went on and on and on and I found that some of the younger kids were starting to fall asleep or get annoyed and cry. Some even left. Even my son was starting to ask questions about" is it time to go? Is it nearly over" the movie was only half way through. The beginning was great, all the charactors from the TV show and some new faces make an appearance, then it moves from LA to Tennessee and slows down a little. For a while you are watching and wondering "when is this goning to end?" Then it starts back up again with what will be the biggest hit song of the summer,"Hoedown throwdown" The movie ends on a happy note(like all Disney movies). What did I bring away from this movie? that song, thats all I sing. My son has even started to learn the moves. Out of 10, I'd give this a solid 8, just a little too long for very young kids. This will be a hit this summer, but it is up against some stiff competition. Next out is Terminator Salvation and then that is followed by Transformers. Will there be a Hanna Montanna 2 ? Knowing Disney, this franchise will spawn at least two more movies.

This movie scores 8/10