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Harry Potter and the half blood prince

Movie Harry Potter and the half blood prince
Director David Yates

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint

Having read all the potter books I've been kept pleasantly busy over the last 10 years, from books to movies I've mostly enjoyed every minute. My apprehension towards this potential disaster stemmed from having read the 6th book. Yes this is the dull one where nothing happens until the last 100 pages. Boring is not a word I often associate with J.K.'s masterpieces but until the end the half blood prince it had nothing of the previous flair and menace of the previous books. This doesn't equate in anyway to the movie though, I would say in one sense they are complete opposites. The films starts brightly yet darkly, with a nice balance of the good and the constant looming threat of the great big bad. The death eaters are rampant around London causing all sorts of havoc, and harry is taken to the burrow and reunited with his friends, who are scared yet glad to see him. They head off to Hogwarts with a new potions master in tow, with a dark secret, Dumbledore enlists Harry's aid in procuring this dark secret. Snape has made an unbreakable vow to help the youngest of the Malfoys Draco to carry out an unspeakable deed. Dark happening throughout the castle add an air of fear and gloom to the already terrified wizarding world. I'd forgotten somehow, how in the movies so far they have managed to make the films into a nice summary, capturing all that goes on and the emotion that goes with it. I remember thinking having read the third book that they could never fit all the twists and turns of the prisoner of Azkaban into 2 hours of movie magic, but it was done perfectly. Half blood prince feels and works the same way, until the ending which I won't give away, but I will say for those who know the ending, it was the best part of the book and I didn't know how they would fit it all into the last 20 minutes as I kept looking at my watch. The simple answer is they didn't. My only gripe with this interesting adaptation is that from the moment Dumbledore enters the cave till the end sequence could have filled two hours of a movie in itself and probably deserved to do so, as what happened in those last pages are possibly the quintessential moments of the entire saga, but here it is jammed into 20 fast minutes whereby its hard to understand what J.K. achieved with the end of this book, because you just don't see it, you just get a glimpse, and then its over. Its just a personal gripe I have with the movie, and movie goers won't notice it because they don't know what they missed. Its a shame but it should stop you from seeing this thoroughly enjoyable movie.

This movie scores 8.6/10