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Movie Kiss Kiss bang bang
Director Shane Black

Robert Downey Jnr. Val Kilmer
Michelle Monaghan

You could be forgiven for missing this in the cinema, or even on its DVD release if you didn't know anything about this movie which seems to be common with this flick, but thats about the only way you'd be forgiven. Noticeable achievements of Shane Black as a debutant director; Val kilmer hadn't been likeable since Top Secret, the detective genre being dragged into the fun side of the indie movie and Shane Black proving he can do more than just write.

I enjoyed this quirky movie from the start, none of the stars could have won an oscar for this movie, but they were all increasingly likeable, the story is sad yet progresses fluidly and you are generally smiling or thouroughly engaged throughout. Michelle Monaghan looks incredible when she's introduced and I was intoxicated with her completely believeably flawed charachter for the duration. Her relationship to both her co-stars worked very well. The buddy comedy relationship between Downey and Kilmer is also cleverly realised and matures intelligently.

The plot works well enough but is overshadowed by the interaction which is what gives this movie its charm, this doesn't just include the "big names", but also mister fire and mister frying pan played by the experienced Rockmond Dunbar and Dash Mihok among others are involved in comically clever scenes as well as tense plot key scenes. Some of the dialogue and action sequences put me in mind of Tarantinos direction.

This movie scores 8.5/10