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let the right one in movie stub

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Let the right one in

Movie Let the right one in (Låt den rätte komma in)
Director Tomas Alfredson

Kåre Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson

I'd was going to start off by saying that this was a wonderful suprise, but no one was suprised by it due to its early success and critical acclaim. A boy befriends a girl who moves into next door and strange things begin to happen, starting with a man in a park hanging a passer by from a tree and draining his blood into a funnel. The films progresses slowly showing the Oskars life as he is friendless and bullied at school. His life living alone with his mother and his close relationship to his strange father who lives alone but entertains "guests". The relationship between Oskar and Eli is a simple one of two children entering their teens akwardly and with innocence, and indeed the olive branch which unites them is a rubik's cube. As Eli is revelaed as who she is their relationship become more complex, and although Oskar has mixed emotions towards Eli his faith and affection for her never seems in doubt.

For Vampire lovers there is a new simplified mythology created here. What happens when Eli walks in uninvited or how she infects the woman is powerful but simple. Oskar asks her is she dead, and she says no. Eli isn't a daemon, yet displays no remorse. The power and majesty of this film comes in the form of the mixed emotions it causes. Eli is clearly a monster but doesn't perceive herself to be. You want her to die for what shes doing but feel empathy for her. In one scene at a swimming pool you don't want her to do what she does yet you percieve the other boys in the room as more evil and you feel torn between a twisted satisfaction and utter horror. This is an incredible film with stories and sub-plots coming out its ears. Its one you could talk about for years and never fully understand all its elements. Don't miss this on the big screen.

This movie scores 9.4/10