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Night at the Museum 2

Movie Night at the Museum 2
Director Shawn Levy

Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, Hank Azaria

I went to see the first Night at the museum by myself one day as I knew I was going to be waiting around for a friend for a couple of hours, and I loved it. It was just light-hearted, didn't go for the over the top laughs, everyone was cast well, you constantly found yourself surrounded by funny or likable actors doing funny things or being called DUMDUM. This second installment is actually more fun. In addition to Wilson and Coogan who are even funnier this time, we recall Stiller, Williams, Gervais and all of the others from the original for at least a cameo. Then we bring in Azaria as an ancient egyptian with a lisp as the bad guy and the amazing Amy Adams as Stillers sidekick, Amellia Erhart. Adams truly steals the show as the plucky incomparably lovable and utterly ridiculous Erhart. "Gigantor" has become a huge success as a TV inventor and sales man and left the museum, leaving no one to look after the exhibits. He finds out that they are being transferred to the capital and the Smithsonian to be archived. The stupid monkey steals the tablet and brings it with them only to awaken every exhibit at the Smithsonian, including a lot of the "bad guys" from history, Capone, Napoleon and Akmun ra. We are also introduced to the apparently inept and quite mad General Custer, who couldn't be more eager to lead everyone to their deaths. There is a section of exhibits devoted to the history of flight, including everything from bi-planes to the space shuttle, and of course, a space monkey with ensuing carnage. The whole thing is completely farsical and perfectly ridiculous and there is definite chemistry between Stiller and Adams, but I have to say I think its down to Adams superb performance which I can't rate highly enough. I don't like this cliche but it is definitely fun for all the family. Go see this now and warm up your cold hearts!

This movie scores 8.5/10