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Paul Blart

Movie Paul Blart - Mall cop
Director Steve Carr

Kevin James, Keir O'Donnell, Jayma Mays, Raini Rodriguez

Kevin James wrote himself a comedy and its one long fat joke from start to finish, with scary movie style humour from the get go. Suprisingly its not only very likable, but at times its actually very funny. How? Despite how weak I just made it sound, cleverly they followed the plot of a Die Hard movie, pitting a Likable but bullied, overweight, no confidence mall cop with low blood sugar against a group of athletic thugs and a computer theft mastermind in a local shopping mall. Ok so not exactly Die Hard. Before the plot is revealed, a new wig sales girl called Amy played by Jayma Mays starts in the Mall and Paul is immediately smitten. Shenanigans ensue and a cringe worthy but funny bar scene gives James licence to take this movie over the top and into the realms of the ridiculous, which again strangely works. Steve Carr deserves credit for how it all links together. As this progresses all the hollywood modern comedy boxes are ticked, we have the bully/coward, the protagonist overcoming adversity, the love interest and just the right amount of insanity. Think ugly betty, but funny and with guns. The music suits, with extra cheese on top. Go see this for light laughs to suit everyone.

This movie scores 7/10