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Pineapple Express

Movie Pineapple express
Director David Gordon Green

Seth Rogan, James Franco

When I go to see a modern comedy I expect someone like Will Ferrell or Seth Rogan peddling ridiculous and often hilarious slogans and the movie to follow a fairly generic buddy comedy script where everything works out in the end. I personally love this formula and think this is how comedys should be made forever (oh yes I know blasphemy!!) This duo however I didn't expect to like. To make comedy work a certain timing and intelligence is required and I didn't fancy James Franco as the man to pull this off. I was wrong.

Although I think the comedy was made a little easier by making the protagonists stoners, you still have to pull it off and make people laugh. Without being too over the top their relationship worked with a relative subtlety. Rogan was increasingly reluctant to give in to his drug dealer as a friend, while Franco was the vulnerable stoner who wore his heart on his sleeve. Red was a stroke of genius as was the relationship between the under the thumb assasin and his gay partner which also constantly brought a smile to the face.

There were excellent scenes throughout but the creme de la creme was certainly the elaborate end sequence, the fight scenes and the comedy elements were all perfect and the post war closing sequence was just the perfect end to an unperfect day. I could have laughed more, indeed the movie could have been very different, but what has been put together here is a fine example of modern american comedy with plenty of clever humour and an action twist to boot. I recommend!

This movie scores 8/10