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Movie Push
Director Paul McGuigan

Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Djimon Hounsou, Camilla Belle, Neil Jackson

When Bladerunner came out it received very poor reviews from the critics, largely because advertised as an action adventure sci-fi with the hero of star wars, not the intellectual adaptation it actually was. Push suffers from similar problems, it too has an interesting story to tell but was very badly marketed. 1945 Hitler starts experiments in psychic warfare, in this reality, all governments kept up this research through their psychic "divisions". These divisions hunt down the psychics around the world to convert them into weapons, however the drugs that convert them into weapons kill the subjects. No one has ever survived the process, until now. There are many different types of power. Fanning plays the young daughter of the most powerful "watcher" in history, who is locked up in a hospital and drugged up to prevent her using her powers, leaving the 13 year old to fend for herself and become older than her years. Watchers see the future, pushers push thoughts into your head and make them your own. She sees the future and seeks out Evans who is a telekinetic because in their futures they find the drugs that are killing their people, and destroy them. The problem with this future is that they both die. Their adventure is exciting and filled with changes to the future and surprises that you can't see coming even though the watchers can, which is interesting. Also there are clever use of the powers and interesting characters introduced throughout. The action is exciting and although some of the characters are whiny and nasty, everyone is well cast and the movie is very likable throughout. I like the mixed camera work and the soundtrack, the whole package together works well and I believe it will become a cult classic, and I truly hope they make the sequel and the cast stick with the franchise. Heres hoping...

This movie scores 9.1/10