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Run Fatboy Run

Movie Run Fat boy Run
Director David Schwimmer

Simon Pegg, Hank Azaria, Tandy Newton

I was expecting a lot from this movie, I knew it probably wouldn't have the clevely humourous direction of Edgar Wrights Hot Fuzz but I couldn't help have high hopes and comparisons for something Simon Pegg was involved in writing. With regards direction the film moved along nicely without ever being exciting or clever besides the funny moments which were written. That said this film has its own little charm, which isn't hindered by the direction.

It would be easy to throw around the words cheesy and predictible when talking about this movie, but that would be lazy and uninsightful writing. My only real gripe with this movie is that the it's very slow to start, and very slow to get funny. Once it does there are genuine laughs and its likeablilty is enhanced by the constant feel good factor between the emotional kicks in the crotch that Pegg is constantly subjected to. I would really like to have seen the director to strive to greatness or even just better than the norm, as the good directors seem to be able to produce effortlessly.

Pegg and the actors who portray his friends and the general people in his life all add to the fun flavour of this cocktail and I'm sure most people will enjoy this as much as I did. Hank Azaria is as unlikeable as his charachter needed to be while maintaining his simpson style hateable charm, and plays the part of the guy we love to hate exceptionally, and his charachters decent into ridiculousness mirrors the movies decent in the same direction and his performance works well.

This movie scores 7.5/10