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Structure of a Movie review

To accurately with no bias review a Movie or any other form of media, its important to have a structure to reference, without this, your personal feelings or bias toward a project or individuals involved with a project can affect your review. Here at the movie and film review website, we pride ourselves on our reviews and therefore we stick to our own carefully scrutinised structures which help us tackle all issues associated with the production and not just our impressions or post-view feelings. See below for a sample of one way to tackle a movie review;

The Matrix Revolutions
Acting 7 Music 6
Direction 8 Musical Arrangement 8
Special effects 9 Story 6
Script 6 Action 8
Twist -

Emotional /Empathic content

Cinematography 9 Ending 3
Total Score 7.4

In the above table what has happened is that the reviewer felt this movie could be reviewed accurately on eleven categories, as the "twist" category didn't apply to this movie, as the reviewer felt that the film wasn't written with a twist in mind (which is possibly charitable in this case). So to get the score out of 10 in this case accurately he honestly filled in the relevant categories, then divided the total by the number of categories, which gave him 7.4 out of 10. This particular reviewer based on his feelings, had actually originally awarded this movie 5/10, as he had been so disappointed with this movie, but to put it in perspective, I asked this reviewer how many times he had watched this movie. He answered 15. He wouldn't have watched a 5/10 movie 15 times which proves he was allowing his disappointment to dictate and inaccurate score even for him which was created by his own bias.