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Movie Taken
Director Pierre Morel

Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen

When the credits eventually ended and the movie started it got right to work establishing Neeson as the protagonist and Janssen as a complete bitch, both fighting for the affections of their daughter. Neeson has quit his job as a preventor to establish a relationship with a daughter who reveals shes about to follow U2 around europe. No suprise as shes "Taken" and Neeson quickly sets about his business in suitably dramatic style. From the get go its not over dramatic but it is engaging contrary to most of the reviews I inflicted on myself.

The action focus's on Neesons tasks exclusively and doesn't shift back to a cheesy sequence of scenes with a mother crying, which I believe was crucial to this being a very enjoyable romp around Paris, from the moment of his landing, our protagonist is ass kicking his way around Paris in a frantic race against time. His invincibility during this time is probably the only noticable extravagance, although this is given credibility by his previous professional experience and the obvious lazyness and lack of training and skills of most of his prey.

All in, I really enjoyed this movie and I could tell that the packed audience were engaged as much as I was. The end was a little easy perhaps, and lacked the twist or guile that could have made this a truly great movie but let that take nothing away from the clever sequences and the sheer likeablility of this movie. This doesn't feel as dark as the bourne identity or as frantic as well..Frantic but I would only argue on that score that this add's to the movies individuality.

This movie scores 8/10