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Terminator Salvation

Movie Terminator Salvation
Director McG

Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Bryce Dallas Howard, Helena Bonham Carter

Why can't all movie stories be as clever and water tight as 1984's The Terminator. Why can't every film produced have original mind blowing sequences and an amazing soundtrack. I love action movies, and I loved the original Terminator movie's story, direction and soundtrack. I think the outline of the story here is very good. The resistance start off a lot better organised than I thought they'd be having been anticipating what this war would look like since I was eleven. They have vehicles, weapons, technology and the prophet - John Conor. They can also reprogram captured machines, and have found in a raid on a Skynet base a code that can render all machines useless. If you haven't seen the first three terminator movies yet, you are lost I'm sure. Go and at least watch the excellent first instalment, which will bring you up to speed on most of what is going on. During the raid, the resistance unknowingly sets free a prisoner from before the war, Marcus Wright, a prisoner convicted of his families murder, who donated his body to science, which was subsequently sold to Skynet for experimentation. He knows nothing of this of course, or what he has become. The resistance press on with their plan to bring down Skynet using their signal code but the machines aren't sitting on their hands. Wright encounters Kyle Reese and they travel together and battle terminators until Reese is taken. Wright finds Conor and tells him where Reese is, and Conor realises he has to stop the attack on Skynet. I'll go no further with the story for obvious reasons. Although the story outline and script are interesting there are some major obvious errors that we just didn't see in the original. If you can look past these and just go in and enjoy the film for what it is you will have a blast, there are terminators, hunter killers and of course humans dropping like flies. The action is where McG excels here, and the outstanding acting performance comes from the likable Dallas Bryce Howard as Conor's squeeze. Its hard not to like the ending visually and thrill wise and the appearance of he who shall not be named, but the obvious glaring error that bugs me no end is that in Skynet there is only one terminator, and its so easy for the humans to escape. They'd never have got out. And of course the fact that at the start Conors chopper is felled by the pulse of a nuke miles away. At the end multiple nuclear cores are detonated right beside Conor's helicopter, and yet it flies away from Skynet without a scratch. In fairness, I loved this movie and to compare this to most of the rubbish in the cinema its almost incomparably awesome, however the hard-core or intellectuals might take issue with the obvious mistakes.

This movie scores 8.7/10