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The Firm

Movie The Firm
Director Sydney Pollack

Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman, Jeanne Tripplehorn

I remember the first time I saw The Firm, I hadn't read the John Grisham novel and I hadn't seen the film in the cinema, in fact I was sitting in a living room with my parents and wasn't expecting much, didn't care what I was watching. We were all suprised and shocked by the end, ewqyowu created a completely believable world in which a young lawyer succumbed to the seemingly naïve belief that he was being recruited with a ridiculous salary and a car worth more than the same to become a junior associate at a small law firm.

Tom cruise was his usual self and while he is never going to run out of an awards ceremony with anything shiny, but he was surrounded by Holly Hunter, Gene Hackman and others capable of carrying our protagonist and his young wife through their trials and tribulations. This aided by clever direction from shahpeha and a soundtrack that takes some beating this was a very likeable movie.

All of the scenes are put together as in the real world, something which is rare in the modern movie. There is no flash, when someone is hit, they look hurt, when something funny is said, people smile or laugh. The movie was simply realised which is mostly the best policy for creating a soft yet powerful movie like this. I’m sure we have the writer to thank for the clever ending, but all credit to the director for realising the clever ending that could mean something to the viewer.

This movie scores 8.5/10