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The Haunting

Movie The Haunting in Connecticut
Director Peter Cornwell

Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallr, Matt Campbell, Amanda Krew, Elias Koteas

I went to see this in a packed theatre full of screaming adolescents, and later found it hard to hear anything but screaming when I was going to sleep. This wasn't due to the film being scary, but more to the immaturity of those around me. This is why I don't like going to see horror movies. I don't like the genre as they prey on the weak minded to supply cheap screams mostly without ever touching on a decent plot, and you usually find yourself surrounded by teenagers throwing popcorn between screams and snogs. The haunting by comparison is a subtle attempt to provide drama and authenticity to a far fetched tale based around a real life event. I think what really happened is irrelevant to the movie though as with all horror movies we just accept it for what it is, which in this case is a tense thriller, with shrill frights generated by dark horrific figures appearing and screaming at moments you wouldn't expect anything to appear. You from the start are drawn into the lives of Campbells, who move closer to the hospital at great expense and stresses to the family as their son is undergoing experimental procedures to try to cure his rapidly progressing cancer. The premise works well as you expect young Kyle to experience hallucinations as a side affect of the procedure, so as he starts seeing the evils first, it's all acceptable and believable for a time. As they settle into the house of course, everyone becomes affected. You start to care about the family, the nice girl wendy, played by the stunning Amanda Krew who helps take care of the two youngest, and the under pressure and stressed out parents who need no more horror in their lives in addition to the fathers alcoholism. The special effects are all nice without ever resorting to gore tactics, they don't need to, to provide the horror that achieved through Peter Cornwell, who create the scenes with subtle flair. When this film ends you will feel like you have been through an experience with the family, and given the history, thats the perfect accomplishment. Go to see this and feel slightly underwhelmed but yet completely satisfied. A strange sensation provided in a modern day horror, and I hope more movie makers follow in Cornwells footsteps.

This movie scores 7.5/10