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The Wrestler

Movie The Wrestler
Director Darren Aronofski

Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood

I would like to put my finger on and tell you simply what sets this movie apart but without detailed explanation I would struggle to put it into a few summary words. For me I found it a slow moving drama, that is never boring, with always interesting charachters who suprise and thrill with their performances. There are many innovative little ideas well implemented by Aronofsky. One example is the way Rourke is followed by the camera from behind always when he is walking. This was slightly annoying until the reason for this was revealed, he was followed through a deli, to emerge into the expectant roar of his fans which was cut out by the emergence of reality to his mind.

To say that there was also innovation in the acting would be a bold statement, but who could tell me they've ever seen a better more real depiction of a stripper than the flicker of emotion in Marisa Tomei's eyes and the hurt in Evan Rachel Wood that was perfectly realised in her nasty and lost demeanour. This could also be attributed to the direction of Aranofsky in part and of course who could deny Mickey Rourke all accolades for his depiction of someone who's had too many hits in the head and enduring heart attacks for the only thing that still loves him in the world, in his mind.

I found the music overly simplistic for a film of this scale, although they couldn't have known how well the finished product would look, you can't help but feel that this film deserved better than a weak guitar riff throughout the film. Story wise I doubt this would have worked as a book, unless the writing was exceptional, but the magic produced in this film came from those associated in the production of this piece and the love they clearly had for the project. On the whole this is a powerful piece of film which leaves you thinking about the debate of life/mortality vs. legacy and happiness.

This movie scores 8.44/10