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Think you know about movies? Lets put it to the test;

Which of the following film writers was responsible for writing the stories which resulted in the movies Blade runner, Total recall, A scanner Darkly, Minority report and Next among others?

In the Star Wars movies who was the actor who wore the Jango Fett and the clone trooper suits?

In the movie Sleepless in Seattle, who was the actor who played Tom Hanks friend, who later became famous as playing agent Jack Bristow in Alias?

Which film director mostly famous for his work in television was responsible for Mission Impossible 3 and an upcoming Star Trek movie?

In the movie The Lost boys, which famous actors Son now a famous actor in his own right played the Vampire who enticed Michael to drink Blood and eat maggots?

Which now famous film actress starred alongside david bowie in the movie labyrinth who also starred alongside Russell Crowe in the film a beautiful mind?

In the American Pie movies who played "the girl from band camp" who was also famous for her role as Willow in the Buffy the vampire slayer TV series?

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