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Movie Watchmen
Director Zach Snyder

Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Guest Reviewer

Robert McCarthy

Last night I sat down,in anticipation with my cold drink and popcorn to watch this movie. I've been a longtime fan of comic books and have been waiting to see this film. I felt at it's time of release in the cinema, that it would be too long to sit through and would be better for the "at home" experience and boy I was not disapointed. Yes the movie is long, but it does have a story to tell that includes some character background. I wouldn't go through any of the film plot or story line, but I must say "well done" I felt it delivered the comic to screen just right. Some have complained that the director didn't do a good job, but some times you need a comic book fan to bring this type of realisation to the screen in a way that closely mirros what the writer and artist did in the comic. The super heros were great, each one had there flaws, unlike the superman, batman, wonder woman type of hero, these guy's have all the human failures and emotion that can sometimes be lost in a main stream hero like Batman. Here the hero's show the best and worse side. Hero'e like The comedian, Dr. Manhattan, Nite owl 2, Silk spectre 2 and the best of all Rorschach. I loved this film, just a pity there will not be a prequel made.

Good point: Matches the graphic novel very closely.

Bad point: Very drawn out.

This movie scores 9.0/10