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Yes Man

Movie Yes man
Director Peyton Reed

Jim Carrey, Zoey Deshanel, Bradley Cooper, Terrance Stamp

I've always loved Jim Carrey movies. I grew up on the Mask, Dumb and dumber, me myself and Irene and my personal favourite, Liar Liar. He later changed direction and brought out genre pieces too, like the cable guy and the sublime eternal sunshine. This latest offering would have suited a younger Jim Carrey perfectly and I wondered if he still had that same juvenielle spark that we all love. He does indeed, he is still a fabulous entertainer. This is the story of a lonely man, hurt by his wife who left him 3 years ago, who has become a recluse afraid to have any fun. He won't even answer the phone to his friends. He meets a guy who used to work at his bank who seems to be enjoying life inspite of having shot an animal with a bazooka. He recommends Carrey attend a Yes Man seminar, and that it will open his eyes to life. After a disturbing dream in which he is found dead by his friends in his apartment, he eventually goes along, and it really affects him, but of course he is still skeptical. He says yes to a homeless man, by giving him a lift, his money and his phone, which seems disasterous to him until it leads him to meet a girl. This trend continues until he says no to things, when horrible things start to happen. This becomes a farsical laugh riot, and gives us exactly we want from this type of cinema outing, things you would never see in real life. The surrounding carachters and elements work well, and the cringeworthy office boss and his nerd parties become typical of the comedic strangeness. Carey is brilliant and no one in the supporting cast lets the side down. The story is wacky but never too far over the top, and it all works well. Recent movie comedians if you are wondering why your stuff isn't all that funny should just take a look at Carrey and see how a natural does it. The script and direction are fine and keep the the pace moving swiftly, but its Carrey's improvisation and comedic acting that you'll be glad you paid to see.

This movie scores 8/10